A partial listing of cemetery records in Greenfield has been posted for the benefit of genealogists and historians. Some 12,142 records are listed in the file. (The records were created in Microsoft Excel, but due to the large size of the file, the data has been converted to pdf format. Probably the easiest method of finding a name or gravesite is to use the "Find" command (Control F) to open a search window; type in a last name and hopefully it will show up during a search of the records.

To view Greenfield Cemetery Records, click HERE.


More information will be posted as it becomes available. Thanks to Tom Morello for his assistance with this project.


A nice listing of information about the Sheep-Pen Cemetery near Greenfield, located along Greenfield-Sabina Road, has been compiled by Linda Jean Limes Ellis and is offered here with her permission. The file is rather large -- approximately 10 MB -- so please allow time for your computer to download the information.

To view the Sheep-Pen Cemetery records and supplemental information, click HERE.


Much time and effort has been invested by numerous volunteers to repair the cemetery wall at the Old Burying Ground. Former Greenfield City Council member Earlene Scott sent some photos taken before and during the project.

Scott reported that the original stone wall was “dry stacked” (with no mortar to support or hold it together). Unfortunately many of the stones were carried away for other purposes and the wall was in total disrepair.

Now, the wall is something for all of Greenfield to enjoy and be proud of. Volunteers worked spring, summer and fall of 2007 and 2008. One day a large group of Mormon men from all over Ohio came to help with the project. Other help was provided by the Greenfield Historical Society and private citizens.

Completion of the main wall took place in May 2009.

Scott expressed her thanks to everyone who helped out with this project. It looks great!

To see a slide show about the project, click on the link below: