Greenfield industries create a variety of products; industrial park offers room for growth

Some of the products you use in everyday life may come from Greenfield, Ohio. The list includes boat anchors, camping skillets and tent stakes, display showcases, magazines and other printed materials, foam molding, upholstery and other components for the automotive industry, special metal work items, boxes, plastic products and furniture.

Greenfield, Ohio is a community of about 5,000 citizens nestled in northeastern Highland  County. The city boasts a 200-acre industrial park that is ready for development.

Current manufacturers who have chosen to locate in Greenfield include: American Made Corrugated Packing (AMCP); RR Donnelley; C-Mold; Greenfield Products and Finishing; Greenfield Research; the Waddell/Ghent Company, Johnson Controls, Wooden It Be Nice, and Visibly Green.

According to area employers, Greenfield's workforce is industrious, dependable and well-trained.

The city offers tax incentives to industries locating in Greenfield, and also offers tax savings to companies undergoing expansion.

Greenfield  balances the best aspects of small town living with quality city services. The city offers tax incentives to industries locating in Greenfield  and also offers tax savings to companies that are undergoing expansion.

The city owns the 29 miles of railroad between Greenfield  and  Midland city, which is convenient for manufacturing companies that need to ship their products. Nearby Wilmington is the hub for DHL. Local companies often make evening runs to that facility to ensure next-day delivery of goods.

Greenfield is located 14 miles from US 35 and 16 miles from the Highland County Airport, which has a lighted 4,500 foot hard surface runway.

State Routes 41, 28 and 753 all pass through the city, which is situated 24 miles from Interstate 71.

Greenfield is a 15-minute drive to Washington C.H.; 20-minute drive to Hillsboro; 25-minute drive to Chillicothe and an hour’s drive from Columbus and Dayton.

To learn more about these companies go to their websites or contact them by email or phone.

Please direct any economic development inquiries to:

City Manager

City of Greenfield

300 Jefferson Street

Greenfield, Ohio 45123

  1. (937)981-3500



AMCP:; 937.981.2111

C-Mold:; 937.981.7797

Greenfield Products and Finishing;;; 937.981.2696 or 1-800-582-6287

Greenfield Research:;; 937.981.7763

Johnson Controls, Inc.

1147 N. Washington St., Greenfield, OH 45123




RR Donnelley:

Waddell/Ghent Company:; 937.981.2918 or 1-800-622-1331

Visibly Green

227 S. Washington St., Greenfield, OH 45123



Wooden It Be Nice LLC

P.O. Box 179, Greenfield, OH 45123