South Central Ohio Industrial Park

Greenfield's South Central Ohio Industrial Park welcomes innovators

Why Greenfield? 

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Centuries of Success

Greenfield, Ohio has a proud history of innovation and is a leading manufacturing center in South Central Ohio since its founding in 1799. Business models have changed, but innovation still has great value.  Greenfield's South Central Ohio Industrial Park offers 115 acres that are SiteOhio authenticated and ready for development.


Fast Facts

SCOIP facts:
187.42 acres, with 115 acres authenticated by SiteOhio

Excess Electric Capacity:
20 MW Transmission, 2.1 MW Distribution

Excess Gas Capacity:
50,000+ MCF/Month

Excess Water Capacity:
1.145 MGD

Excess Sewer Capacity:
0.755 MGD

Price Per Acre:

More than 89,000 people are employed within a 45-minute drive from the South Central Ohio Industrial Park (SCOIP).
Seventy percent of the working population of Highland County is employed outside of the county.

Labor Stats:
Click HERE to see labor and manufacturing job statistics provided by the Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth (APEG).

Innovative Approach

The Village of Greenfield works collaboratively with state, regional, county and local organizations to bring jobs to our community. 

In 2018, the South Central Ohio Industrial Park was authenticated by SiteOhio as ready for development. 

In addition to incentives offered by JobsOhio, Highland County and the Village of Greenfield, we have an active Community Improvement Corporation ready to work with prospective employers.

Green Capital Committee

Entrepreneurs and innovators are welcome. Bring your ideas and let's talk. Our Green Capital Committee would love to meet and discuss win-win scenarios for your company and our community!

Mill Street project will create new entrance for industrial park

A project to create a new entrance into the South Central Ohio Industrial Park began in late September along Mill Street in Greenfield. The scope of the project also includes improvements to water and sewer infrastructure as well as construction of new sidewalks, curbs and gutters. Contractor for the nearly $900,000 project is Fillmore Construction and the engineering firm is Stantec. The lion’s share of the project is being funded by grant money from the Ohio Public Works Commission, and construction is scheduled to be completed prior to November 1.

SiteOhio authenticated means construction ready day one.

Greenfield's South Central Ohio Industrial Park has been authenticated by SiteOhio and is ready for construction to begin! For an informative video presentation about the park, narrated by Ohio's own "Jungle Jack" Hanna, Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, click on the link below and visit the JobsOhio website where you can explore more information about South Central Ohio Industrial Park.



"For more than 200 years,
innovators and entrepreneurs have
called Greenfield, Ohio home.
That same welcoming spirit continues today."