Old Burying Ground Restoration Project

Since 2014, the Old Burying Ground (OBG) in Greenfield, Ohio, has been undergoing work by a group of dedicated volunteers. Throughout each year, volunteer sessions have been held by project leaders Scott and Venus Andersen and John King.  We encourage your continued support in this effort by sharing of this information with your friends. 
 June 15, 2021 
Volunteers Scott Andersen, Venus Andersen, John King, Mike Anderson, Avery Applegate, Jackie Doles, and Joel  Armlovich attended. Joel is a friend of Mike Anderson's and lives in Jamestown, Ohio. He was there to not only help, but also to learn more about how to do certain repairs to gravestones. His interest is the Selma Cemetery near his residence. Harold Schmidt and Wendy Royse also stopped by to see the progress and offer encouragement. 
They were able to address probably 15 gravestones during the session; straightening, repairing, cleaning, and Avery and Mike even found a stone just below the surface of the ground. Follow www.greenfieldhistoricalsociety.org master calendar for updates on future volunteer restoration dates.
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