Meet the newest members of Greenfield Village Council

2022 mary ellen mcmurry 002
Mary Ellen McMurry
2022 jessalyn hunter
Jessalyn Hunter

Due to recent resignations of Greenfield Village Council members, two new members have been appointed following a process involving applications and interviews. The newest members of council are Mary Ellen McMurry and Jessalyn Hunter, who join Phil Clyburn, Dr. Eric Borsini and Brenda Losey on the board.

For more information about the newest council members, following is some information that was recently posted on the Village of Greenfield Ohio Facebook page:

Mary Ellen McMurry and her husband, Shawn, are both McClain graduates and life-long residents of Greenfield. Mary Ellen has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Wilmington College and a masters degree in Applied Statistics from Wright State. Her career has been in supply chain, and her current position is Materials Manager at ITW Hobart in Hillsboro. She has also taught maths at Southern State Community College for many years. Her son, Miles, is a McClain graduate and is currently enrolled at Shawnee State University.  

WHY DID YOU SEEK A COUNCIL SEAT? — I have been wanting to get involved with the city for awhile now. I see good things happening in the community and want to be a part of continuing to make Greenfield a place to be proud of.

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS FOR GREENFIELD AND ITS PEOPLE? — My goal is to have our children grow up in a town that they love, where they choose to stay as adults, with viable employment opportunities, good housing, and safe neighborhoods. 

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE THINGS ABOUT GREENFIELD? — The area is beautiful. The history is rich. I love our school and all of the beautiful artwork. Mostly, I love the hometown feel that you just don’t get in bigger cities. 

WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE CHANGE, OR STAY THE SAME, FOR THAT MATTER? — I would like to see more entertainment or activities available for families and teenagers. Too many times our citizens are driving to nearby cities for a night out because there are very limited opportunities in Greenfield. However, I do not want to sacrifice that hometown feel that we have, either. 

Mary Ellen can be reached at email

Jessalyn Hunter is a lifelong resident of Greenfield and graduated from McClain in 2002. She earned a bachelor of science degree in Dietetics from Bluffton University and works as a Registered Dietitian at Chillicothe Regional Dialysis Center. She married Mark Hunter in 2011 and together they share 2 sons: Ian (8 years old) & Briggs (2 years old). 

WHY DID YOU SEEK A COUNCIL SEAT? – I strongly believe that community service is an important civic duty. Furthermore, Greenfield is my family’s home and its success ultimately affects all of our day-to-day lives as residents. I’ve had the pleasure of being involved with numerous organizations here in town that have allowed me to give back, such as G3, Y-Gradale and the First Presbyterian Church. Now as more exciting opportunities are headed our way, I wanted to join the initiative to make the future of Greenfield even brighter. 

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS AS A COUNCIL MEMBER FOR GREENFIELD AND ITS PEOPLE? – As a council member, my main objective is to help ensure that Greenfield remains safe, affordable, and able to offer all of the amenities that families need most to prosper in the future: local jobs, great mentors, small business development, good school systems and vibrant churches. In addition, I would like to see our community expand on scenic tourism. Greenfield has so many natural wonders surrounding it, why not maximize on them. We are only a short drive away from some large Ohio cities, which makes Greenfield perfect for weekend getaways and vacations. 

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE THINGS ABOUT GREENFIELD? – I love that Greenfield is such a close-knit community. Neighbors know each other by name, care about each other’s well being and are always willing to help. It’s full of a community spirit that seems to foster lifelong connections. Another favorite of mine is our town’s rich history. From Underground Railroad passages, amazing artwork throughout McClain High school, three working pipe organs, beautiful homes built with stone from our local quarries, as well as various manufacturing advances over the years makes Greenfield a unique place to call home. 

WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE CHANGE, OR STAY THE SAME, FOR THAT MATTER? – I definitely want to see the Downtown revitalization project come to fruition. To see every storefront physically updated and occupied would be such a blessing. I would also like to see additional manufacturing job opportunities offered at our industrial park to pull younger families to the area. Regardless of the many upgrades, one thing I hope never changes is the strong community spirit and pride felt amongst neighbors.

Jessalyn can be reached by email at