​Community event at Felson Park planned for June; new website discussed by Village Council

By Angela Shepherd
Village of Greenfield

A community fun event is in the works for mid-June and is the brainchild of local resident and avid fisherman Scott Wise, according to Greenfield’s city manager in his report at the March 3 council meeting. 
Wise, according to videos he has posted on his Facebook page, Wiseguy Outdoors, said the dates have been set for June 19-21. He has met with the village about the plans, and has the village’s support.
The event would be centered around Felson Park and promote the scenic area, Wilkin said.  “We want canoes, kayaks, and inner tubes floating down the creek. We want vendors selling food. We will have events for kids of all ages 5 to 85. We are looking for bands, and we want to invite anyone to come and pitch a tent in Felson Park for the weekend.”
Primitive campsites at the park are planned for the event, though Wise said no fires will be allowed at individual campsites. He proposed a community campfire, someplace those camping could gather around and socialize. 
“This event has the potential to grow and become an annual homecoming,” Wilkin said. “I am excited about this opportunity and hope we can garner energy and support to make this event a success.”

New website coming soon
In other business, the village has been working on a new website for some time, and with the help of council member Kyle Barr. On Tuesday, Barr reported that the website is coming along and there are just a few things left to work out before going live, which is estimated to be in a couple weeks.
Barr said the new website has a notification feature that is very visible on the page, and that residents will have the ability to choose to receive messages when there is an alert of any kind. Additionally, there will be a community calendar feature.
Barr welcomed any questions or suggestions regarding the new website. He can be contacted by emailing kbarr@greenfieldohio.net.

Mill Street project discussed
Council chair Phil Clyburn asked Wilkin about the progress of the Mill Street project, which has been at a halt through the winter. 
Wilkin said it will be resuming as weather allows. It is estimated that, once the project resumes, the work should be completed within a couple months.
The scope of the project includes the improvement of the water and sewer infrastructure, new sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and creating an entrance to the industrial park at the end of Mill Street.

MHS robotics teams heading to state
Three of McClain’s five robotics teams have qualified for state competition, which is set for Saturday, March 7. 
WIlkin said 24 teams from Saturday’s upcoming event will qualify for a world event. 
The city manager noted that Greenfield is a smaller school than some of the schools the local teams are going up against, and yet, McClain’s teams are competitive. And, he said, they are out there representing Greenfield. Wilkin and council wished the robotics teams the best of luck as they compete Saturday.

Electric aggregation letters coming
Wilkin noted in his report that FirstEnergy Solutions, now Energy Harbor, will be mailing its supplemental opt-out letter regarding the village’s electric aggregation program. The mailing merely introduces the offering to residents and small businesses that may have recently moved into the village, or have concluded a supplier agreement and returned back to DP&L. The letter will not be mailed to anyone currently under a supplier agreement. This letter will also be the first opt-out letter that is reflective of the name change from FirstEnergy Solutions to Energy Harbor. 
Wilkin also commended police chief Jeremiah Oyer, not only for the day-to-day efforts of the department, but for the chief always going further. A recent idea by the chief has met with the approval of the village and the county. The endeavor, involving the jail inmates and the way medical care is handled, will save a lot of money, yet preserve inmate medical care as well as the safety of the community. 
Finance director Carolyn Snodgrass reported February’s preliminary numbers. Those are: month-to-date revenue - $299,982; month-to-date expenses - $189,930; year-to-date revenue - $614,218; year-to-date expenses - $513,369; and a general fund balance of $226,474 as of Feb. 29.
As has been the practice since the beginning of the year, a prayer was offered prior to the beginning of the meeting, this time by Rev. Mike Anderson of the First Presbyterian Church. 

The Greenfield Village Council meets in regular session the first and third Tuesday of each month. The meetings are held in the council chambers on the first floor of the city building at 7:30 p.m. For more information and updates you can 
visit the Village of Greenfield, Ohio Facebook page.