The Village of Greenfield will hold a second Clean Up Day for citizens

Clean Up Day site is located on S. Washington St.  (near the railroad tracks).  All residents of the Village of Greenfield are strongly encouraged to discard their regular household trash through  Weekly pick up service.  This clean up is for larger items that you cannot fit in your garbage cans.  We cannot accept Contractor or Business garbage, no exceptions.  You will need to preregister this time around in order to discard your items by calling 937-981-3500.  Priority will be given to those who have preregistered.  There is pick up available for both the elderly and disabled.  Please contact us at 937-981-3500 before 4 pm on Friday, November 6, 2020.   Please note that paint must be dry (you can pour out on cardboard), no batteries, tires, or items containing freon.