New Greenfield CARES Water Program

This program is available to all Greenfield residents who have been affected by the pandemic and can help pay your water has been shut off, your delinquent water bill, and/or may even help pay for a major water leak.  Greenfield Ordinance 921.09 states "(a) Every sink, lavatory, bathtub or shower, drinking fountain, toilet or other plumbing fixture (Water System) shall be properly connected to a public water system and shall be supplied with hot or tempered and cold running water in accordance with the applicable building code in effect, execpt for when the water has been shut off temporarily, at the owner's request, because the owner is out of town for an extended period of time.  (b) The Water system shall be installed and maintained to provide a supply of water in sufficent volume and at pressure adequate to enable the Water System to function properly, safely, and free from defects and leaks."  This grant will pay for a one-time only water bill or water leak.  The Village of Greenfield has been working with the Highland County Community Action or HCCAO in order to create this grant program to help residents through this crisis.  you may contact the Highland County Community Action Organization by calling 937-981-9718 pr 937-393-3458 to pick up an application or for more information about the program.  Greenfield residents who may qualify for the program should complete the application fully, enclose proof of citizenship and the last 30 days of income for all household members.  Applications can then be emailed to or dropped off at Greenfield HCCAO or Hillsboro HCCAO.