Meet Greenfield's Women-owned business owners!

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Picture  - Greenfield is celebrating its women-owned businesses. Many of those women business owners were able to gather recently to share their stories. Here they are pictured in the village courtyard at the fountain. 

Greenfield celebrates its women-owned businesses

Village businesses include 39 owned by women with 14 opened in the last year

With the heat of the summer sun diminished in the shade of the city building, a group of women gathered in the building’s courtyard recently to be acknowledged for their part in Greenfield’s stability through the years and growth into the future. 

While not everyone could make the gathering, an impressive group turned up to be photographed and to briefly share their stories so that Greenfield can celebrate and share its women-owned businesses.

The pandemic has left its mark on our lives, and beaten up the economy, but the sustained businesses and post-Covid growth are proof that there are good things happening in Greenfield. It’s especially meaningful for this little town with a population of less than 5,000.

Of all the village’s businesses, 39 are owned by women, and 14 of those have opened in the last year. About a dozen of these new businesses are owned by women under the age of 40. These businesses are small storefronts to industrial park leaders and everything in between.

Most of these women do what they do because they love it, because it intimately connects them to the community, and because working for themselves has afforded them the chance to share more of their time with family. Some of them have chosen this path because they found healing for themselves and they are sharing that. Some of them do what they do because they grew up watching their parents and grandparents doing it, and they are carrying it on and serving their community. For all of these reasons, these women have chosen to dream and do right here in Greenfield. They have stepped up so we can all step out in our town.

And what’s more, several of them are not even from Greenfield, but have chosen to locate to the village because of the business-friendly environment and the local community support, according to Susan Howland, Greenfield’s Main Street Economic Development Coordinator.

“Women-owned businesses are on the rise in our country,” said Greenfield City Manager Todd Wilkin, “and we are proof of that here in Greenfield. Unfortunately, some of the statistics I have found have Ohio in the bottom 15 states in the nation for women-owned businesses, but it looks like we might be changing those statistics on our own right here.

“This is exciting for our community for many different reasons,” the city manager said, “and I think we could be considered, per capita, the women-owned business capital of the county, region, and state.”

“This is exciting for our community for many different reasons,” the city manager said, “and I think we could be considered, per capita, the women-owned business capital of the county, region, and state.”


Greenfield’s women-owned businesses are:


Backyard Primitive Design, 228 Jefferson St. - owned by Sherry Hedgecock, opened storefront in 2022


Harvest Dairy Bar, 329 N. Washington St. - owned by Anita George, opened 2022 


Greener Pastures Plant Boutique and Apothecary, 326 Jefferson St. - owned by Desarae Stockdale, opened 2022


Black Cat Tattoo and Boo-tique, 346 Jefferson St. - owned by Krista Kerr, at current location for more than four years


Beautiful Chaos Boutique, 317 Jefferson St. - owned by Ashley Karnes, opened 2021, online since 2018


Sassy Sisters Boutique, 228 Jefferson St. - owned by Chelsi Ertel, opened 2022, online since 2018.


Burlap Bee Boutique, 244 Jefferson St. - owned by Susan Howland, opened 2021, online since 2013


Ohio Red Barn, 228 Jefferson St. - owned by Mitzi Schneider, opened 2022


The Grind House, 1010 Jefferson St. - owned by Lisa Boyd, opened 2020


The Art Rookery, 340 Jefferson St.  - owned by Nancy Crawford, opened 2021


Cream and Sugar Cafe, 412 Jefferson St. - owned by Heather Walker, opened 2017


Be Blessed Photography, 343 Jefferson St. - owned by Sierra Garman and Cindy Toppings, opened 2022


Quality Accounting and Taxes, 344 Jefferson St. - owned by Kim Taylor, opened 2020


Furman’s Bar and Grill, 733 McClain Ave. - owned by Shelly Gragg since 2018


Greenfield’s Homestead, 336 Jefferson St. - owned by Emily Hughart, open 19 years


The Glitz Salon, 403 Jefferson St. - owned by Ondi Vanzant, opened 2000


K9 Confetti, 338 Lafayette St. - owned by Brittany Shumaker, opened 2022


Greenfield Products 1230 N. Washington St. - owned by Ann Pence since 1987


Modern Movement Dance Company, 251 Jefferson St. - owned by Whitney Vanzant, opened 2012


Vibrational Sound Massage, 228 Jefferson St. - owned by Deborah Wolfe, opened 2022


Blessings House of Healing, 301 Jefferson St. - owned by Sheila Mathew, opened 2021


Becky’s Relaxation Station, 236 Jefferson St. - owned by Becky Norman, opened 2017


Highland Nutrition, 414 Jefferson St. - owned by Chelsea Holland, opened 2021


Tiny Town Childcare and Learning Center, 156 Jefferson St. - owned by Da’Nae Orr-Zody, opened 2021 


Security Insurance Agency, 118 N. Washington St. - owned by Dianna Speakman for 32 years


Jett’s Embroidery, 1060 Jefferson St. - owned by Carla Jett for 26 years.


Linda’s Variety Shop, 319 Jefferson St. - owned by Linda Newland, opened four years


Phase 2 Corner Store, 220 Jefferson St. - owned by Misty Posey, opened 2021


Posey’s Plaza, 228 Jefferson St. - owned by Misty Posey, opened 2022


Legacy One Realty, 657 Jefferson St. - owned by Patty Meyers, opened 2011


Dairy Nook, 12001 SR 753 - owned by Leta Garrison since 2021


Waves Hair and Nail Salon, 623 McClain Ave. - owned by Rhonda Decker since 2017


Char’s Salon, 225 S. Fifth St. - owned by Charlotte Taylor, opened 2019


Shear Miracles Salon, 425 S. Washington St. - owned by Jodell Miracle


Bivens Law LLC, 335 Jefferson St. - owned by Hannah Bivens, opened 2019


Fout realty, 335 Jefferson St. - owned by Harriet Fout for the last 10 years


Sitterle’s Insurance, 315 Jefferson St. - owned by Jennifer Kennedy, owned since 2016


AMRES Lending, 332 Jefferson St. - owned by Julie Couts, opened 2015


Angels at Heart Homecare Unlimited, 201 S. Washington St. - owned by Vicki Holt since 2012


“It is a great honor to be a part of this tremendous growth, and we are happy these women have decided to utilize their talents and gifts to open a business in our town,” Wilkin said. “As an entrepreneur, significant risks must be evaluated before locating and starting a business. We are happy these women have chosen Greenfield as the home for their businesses.”