Interview with the City Manager

So there’s a lot of avenues by which the village gets information out to the public, but I notice there are always so many people asking questions later about the very things that have already been put out there, meaning they haven’t seen the information. How can we help change this?


We do try very hard to make sure all the news from the village is out there for all to see – the newspapers, Facebook posts and livestreaming, the website, live radio. Even with all that, it seems that we are still struggling to ensure that information is out there in enough ways that people are well informed. We want to be transparent. We want to get our information out. And you know it seems like the rumors get out there first before the truth is received. So even though we already employ the use of several communication avenues, I would like to hear from the people about how they receive their news and information and by what platform they would like to receive their news and information from the village. 


How do you feel about how we disseminate information already? Would you prefer a monthly newsletter with your water and sewer bill? Do we need to have in-person, face-to-face, townhall-type style meetings? 


Let us know. We want to be able to have the farthest reach and get the good news of the community out into the community.


You can reach City Manager Todd Wilkin at