Interview with the City Manager

Development planning for Felson Park has been ongoing for some time. Is there any new information to share? – Yes there is. We have applied for a piece of the Appalachian Community Grant Program, which provides $500 million for planning and development across Ohio counties within the Appalachian region. Our ask was for Felson Park development to include an amphitheater, more shelter buildings, new parking, a playground, more access to the creek, and also development of the quarry – jumping platforms, ziplines, a beach, and a campground. We should hear by the end of March whether our project is awarded or not. There has been a great deal of work, collaboration, and effort put into this stemming from many public meetings regarding the park’s development. Our hope is that we get funded through this grant. If we don’t get funded, we are going to have to figure out how we develop each component of that park on our own. It’s not a preferred route because we’ll have to find more grant opportunities to fund the projects. 


We understand that the development of that park, and our overall parks system, will go a long way to providing something to enjoy for our residents and their children, and also attracting those who do not live in Greenfield to our town. These projects will augment what we already have with Paint Creek and the quarry and also provide more accessibility. We are excited about this possibility and what it can bring to the Greenfield community. With this development would come more activity with the downtown retail shops and restaurants. It all works together and that’s why it is important to continue to build on the business space that we have, supporting our businesses in whatever capacity they need and creating an atmosphere not only for people to experience Greenfield, but also inviting for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to locate in the village. 




2024 is moving right along and events that come with the warmer weather aren’t that far off. – That’s true, and we have a summer of fun coming up. The Main Street First Friday events should be starting back up in the next couple months. Those monthly events feature bands and vendors and family fun. Also, Greenfield’s 225th anniversary is coming up and the event is planned for July 6. We are hoping to be able to do a great celebration for the community, and we are hoping that includes fireworks. If you want to volunteer or if you want to do anything for these events or for the anniversary celebration, just reach out to us. Hopefully we will have a summer to remember here in Greenfield. 




You can reach City Manager Todd Wilkin by email at